Fish soup suggestions! Preparation of the Danube-Szeged is a quick and easy guide

Many of our traditional Hungarian dishes are well-prepared fish soup. It can be said that this dish can be prepared in very many ways and is practically delicious in every way. How to make a halasle description.

In the areas along the Danube, it is simply made in a so-called baseless way. Why there were several possible answers to this question, but no one can tell exactly.

It can be said that anyone who loves this food will try it anyway.

At Christmas, the fish is in the form of fish soup, fried fish or fish paprika, but it is sure to appear on the table of Hungarian families.

I do not recommend fish soup cubes as it contains a food additive and is a large-scale product, nothing to do with tradition and naturalness.

Halászlé-halasle howtostep

Enjoy your meal!

Forrás:, 2020-09-27 11:38